Trainings & Learnings 2016: Yin Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Health Coaching & Retreats

Looking back at this intense year of study, it was less the theory or “studying” that taught us most, but mostly feeling its effects in your own body & mind. We are passionate about sharing this in our globeseekers Outdoor & Yoga Retreats and also feel very lucky that we can keep learning from and with such inspiring people. Thanks to every participant to have made it what it is, bringing in new perspectives from around the globe.

Special thanks to our teachers for inspiration and passing on fundamental knowledge and sharing the Love! Below we summarize the learnings of our trainings and retreats in 2016.  Namaste!

# Yin Yoga

Thanks Tina Nance Yoga Therapy Team for bringing across the mind, body & spirit connection, while teaching us about Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Anatomy and Mindfulness through intense self exploration during our advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali.

The difference of Yin Yoga to stronger physical Yoga Styles is that we hold a posture without muscle tension for a long time period (3-5 min) to access the deeper tissue and fascia that surrounds and runs through our muscles, joints, bones and cells and keeps everything together. Anatomically, different body parts are connected through “fascial trains” which correlate with the meridians, or energy pathways, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. If the flow of energy gets blocked by different emotional experiences, habits or constant stress tighten up your body and the vitality of your organs and yourself depletes. Yin Yoga gives the possibility of targeting those areas through posture to recharge and to let go by mindfulness.

Not only telling us where the the meridians run, their connection with the organs and how it is all connected by fascia, they got us taped up to feel the effect of how tension in one part of the body can be caused by something stuck in a different part.


Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal, it is a powerful tool to balance our body & mind individually and see every person in a holistic way. Each element targets special meridians and organs and they also describe different phases (seasons) in life, with related emotions and feelings, how you react differently in imbalance and balance and what we can do to balance including activities (rest is also an activity:-), special Yin Yoga postures & nutrition.

When practicing mindfulness we just notice what comes up in our mind or our body. Instead of engaging the thoughts and feelings creating a story in our head, we let everything come and go effortlessly and surrender. Drawing the attention inward with breathing, feeling and scanning the body we become aware. It is a beautiful way to understand yourself better, dropping back from our thinking mind into the present experience.

Your body will tell you where you have an imbalance & this practice is very empowering, helping you to better understand and nourish yourself. For example after a time, where you have been over-working, over-thinking, over-partying, which depleted your vitality we would do a water element practice to recharge your batteries, targeting the Kidney- and the Bladder channel, reducing nervous tension, increasing your vital energy.

# Thai Yoga Massage

Thank you Chatchoi and the team from Sunshine Network for sharing your skills and passion for Thai Yoga Massage during this intense training in Lahu Village, Thailand. Together with this lovely group of people we were able to get deep into energy lines & tension, practicing, feeling and understanding the body & connections in a very practical way. Practicing to massage with someone else each day, made us understand how different each body is.

# Health Coaching (IIN)

Thanks to the Team of Integrative Nutrition and my study mates for sharing the knowledge & experiences in health coaching, nutrition & balance in life in such a comprehensive way over the last years. I am happy that we still have our network to share, inspire and push each other to follow our paths. During the globeseekers retreats we cook with the people, sharing creativity & healthy recipes, engaging participants to notice how different foods effect their energy levels, mood and general well-being. Our friend Jack gives us a tour at his permaculture farm, teaching us about growing and different herbs & veggies that we take home with us to use in our yummy meals. When connecting Health Coaching with Yoga Philosophy we look at our balance in life, dreams & health with different exercises & learn from each other during each group share. So each person that joins us from around the globe brings some new learnings and perspectives in, which is for us the most precious thing of all.

# globeseekers Outdoor & Yoga Retreats

We are happy to see how the people connect, visiting each other after the retreats and joining us for 2nd or 3rd times for reunions. Your reviews make us smile and give so much back that us of what really counts. We feel lucky to keep growing & sharing something we really believe in.

Thanks to Gerry our good friend, mountainguide and host of Diggl Climbers & Freeride Farm in beautiful Ginzling, Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria – you are a truly inspiring character, amazing climber and beautiful person.

Thanks to all friends that believed in us, our dreams and visions and to our amazing students of globeseekers Yoga in Mayrhofen for practicing and sharing good times with us.

Thanks! Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti! Namaste!

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