Review globeseekers Snow, Outdoor & Yoga Retreats 2017

During our globeseekers Snow, Outdoor & Yoga Retreats this winter we once again enjoyed a mix of activities and Yoga with nice groups of people from around the globe, with origins like Singapore, France, Holland, Spain, USA, England, Scotland, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Ireland or Hong Kong… Thanks to each one joining this year and making it to what it was once more:

Each week was different depending on the weather, snow conditions and the level of experience. In all of the retreats we enjoyed activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking/walking or bouldering combined with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Acro Yoga, Thai Massage Intros, Yoga Philosophy, Health Coaching, yummy healthy food & wellness.

We enjoyed Snowshoe hiking, Touring, Äsmo Powsurftesting & Tobogganing in most of the retreats with enough snow. The forest looked like a winter wonderland in March, but even in April when it felt more like spring, we enjoyed hiking and the view from the hut.

Rounding up the active and relaxing days with cooking healthy food together, sharing creativity and enjoying bonfires, sauna or watching the stars from the hot tub.

We started our closed globeseekers Community group on Facebook to stay in touch with all people who joined a retreat before, connecting & sharing training material, inspiration, recipes, book recommendations and other stuff we talked about in the retreats. Thanks so much for your words and reviews so far and the ones coming, we will integrate them into the website soon.

We are are now preparing our upcoming summer retreats in Austria, checking out other locations on the ocean and are then planning the dates for our globeseekers Snow, Outdoor & Yoga Retreats Winter 2018. Please write us if you have questions or comments.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a lovely day,

Denise & Chris


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