GLOBESEEKERS … (glohb-see-kers) noun
1) … do not seek anything specific, just enjoy the unexpected, go with the flow and then beautiful things around the globe just happen.
2) … are anywhere but in between.
3) … appreciate life by enjoying the moment.
4) … care & share …

Globeseeking is about listening to the people, discovering, experiencing to get a different perspective on life.

ANYWHERE BUT IN BETWEEN = to be in the now, no matter where you are.

After spending years of working and being sucked into a world where time is a random good, we followed our hearts, quit our jobs, finished our projects & packed up to take the time to learn and refocus. Appreciating life we enjoy the freedom to be able to travel, to be open for the unknown, to do what we love and to grow as a person. With globeseekers we want to give something back to the world.

We started the TRAVELBLOG to share our impressions about the countries and cultures we came across and the people we met along the way.

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Eating healthy, being outdoors and doing activities in nature is essential for us to be balanced, to clear our heads and to regain energy. While traveling we were reminded once again that air- and water quality, nutrition and nature play an important role on ones health. This led us to deepen our knowledge about it. Nowadays the number of people with burnout, depression, cancer and many other thicknesses are rising. Too much working hours, stress, communication overflow in combination with unhealthy food and no physical exercise are the main reason for getting sick and not living your full potential.

With our ‘globeseekers OUTDOOR & YOGA Retreats’ we want to pass on what we’ve learned, to live life consciously, healthy and happy.


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