Memories globeseekers Outdoor & Yoga Retreats August 2017, Zillertal, Austria

Looking back at our last two weeks of globeseekers Outdoor & Yoga Retreats this summer in Zillertal, Austria we were once again happy about all the beautiful characters we met from so many different countries like Israel, Bulgaria, USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, UK, Malta, Germany, Scotland & Denmark.

Enjoying Yoga & Outdoor activities in stunning nature together, trying out new sports like climbing or Acro Yoga and sharing good talks in Yoga Philosophy, Health Coaching, around the bonfire or in the hot tub.

Thanks so much for your lovely words in the reviews you wrote so far and the first video reviews we took, we will include them soon.♡ Everyone who joined will be invited into our globeseekers community group, where we share training material, recipes and good talks within the group of like-minded people.

Here is a memory for all the participants to download these impressions of our different activities & courses during the week:

Here we start with some impressions of Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga & Yin Yoga in nature or indoors.

In these two weeks we had two different amazing teachers and good friends doing the climbing course: Gerhard Hörhager, a well known and inspiring climber who has set many of the climbing routes here in Zillertal and Matthias Schiestl who is competing in the world cup.

 When hiking we enjoyed the lovely views, the crystal clear water in the rivers and the animals walking around freely like goats, cows or sheep and just felt good after some sweating.
 In Acro Yoga we are playing, communicating in another way & learning to trust and let go, surprising yourself and sharing laughs, when getting into the different roles.


  1. Denise my dear
    It is sooooo much fun to see the pictures and vidios and realize that the memories are not taken from a very good dream I had, but from some thing that really happened ?
    Thank you so much !!!
    Have a great weekend

    • Thanks for your words we feel very happy to have had you there and even more to stay in touch. You are such a beautiful person and really made the retreat more special because you were there. ♡

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