globeseekers TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN Retreat, June & August 2018, Zillertal, Austria

After great times during our first globeseekers TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN retreat last year, we are looking forward to two retreats in June & August 2018 at this breathtaking location that Chris’s great grandfather built up and that his uncles family runs now.

This short clip shows the view and the location of the TOP of the Mountain Retreat:

As all our globeseekers Outdoor & Yoga Retreats in Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria, the TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN retreat combines outdoor sports like hiking or climbing with different types of Yoga. They are for someone who just wants to let go, recharge energy, connect with themselves and others, be active in nature & simply relax and have fun. No matter which Yoga level, sportive skills or experience, everyone is welcome! Meet people from around the globe & feed your body, mind & soul with our diverse weekly program, for a sample click here: Schedule Summer Retreats

Included in the globeseekers TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN Yoga Retreat:               Timeframes, Costs & Registration

    • Accommodation and healthy food (breakfast buffet (lunch snacks can be taken) and dinner)
    • Amazing views from the Yoga room & terrace
    • Daily Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa / Yin Yoga for all levels)
    • Wellness area with sauna, steam room & relaxation room
    • Hiking in breathtaking surroundings
    • Guided Meditation & Mindfulness
    • Acro / Partner Yoga Introduction
    • Yoga Philosophy and Health Coaching
    • Climbing course (material can be rented)
    • Rafting
    • Guided Thai massage
    • Swimming in lakes or exploring the canyon
    • Bonfire / BBQ
    • Slacklining
    • Photo-/ Video documentation

Do you prefer relaxing and being active in nature over mass tourism? Then enjoy hiking, climbing, exploring, rafting or swimming in crystal clear lakes in the beautiful mountains in Tyrol, Austria with us.

In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga we are engaging our muscles, training flexibility, core strength, balance & breathing techniques. We strengthen our core muscles, which is great for practicing all outdoor sports and we also learn to focus and quite our mind.

In Yin Yoga we hold a posture without muscle tension for a long time period (3-5 min) to access the deeper tissue and fascia that surrounds and runs through our muscles, joints, bones and cells and keeps everything together. Anatomically, different body parts are connected through “fascial trains” which correlate with the meridians, or energy pathways, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. If the flow of energy gets blocked by different emotional experiences, habits or constant stress, your body tightens and your vitality depletes.

Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal) it is a powerful tool to balance our body & mind individually and see every person in a holistic way. Each element targets special meridians and organs and they also describe different phases (seasons), with related emotions and feelings, how you react differently in imbalance and balance and what we can do to balance including activities (rest is also an activity:-), special Yin Yoga postures & nutrition.

Acro Yoga is about playing, communicating & learning to trust and let go, surprising yourself and sharing laughs, when getting into the different roles.

In Thai Yoga Massage we are able to get deep into energy lines & tension, practicing, feeling and understanding the body & connections in a very practical way.

In Yoga Philosophy & Health Coaching we give an intro into Yoga Philosophy first, talking through different topics from the Yoga Sutras like self observation or sense withdrawal and then combine that with exercises on topics like your balance in life, learning and growing with each other in the group talks.

When practicing Mindfulness we notice what comes up in our mind or our body. Instead of engaging the thoughts and feelings creating a story in our head, we let everything come and go effortlessly and surrender. Drawing the attention inward with breathing, feeling and scanning the body we become aware. It is a beautiful way to understand yourself better, dropping back from our thinking mind into the present experience.

We prepare our healthy, yummy food together & share ideas while cooking in a cosy environment. We have lots of good stuff like fresh vegetables, salads and use mountain cheese and much more deli from the region. Breakfast consists of oatmeal, homemade wholegrain bread, spreads, cheese, eggs, nuts, fruit salad, yogurt, honey, coffee and tea. In the summer we visit our friend Jack’s Organic Permaculture Farm, where we pick and buy fresh veggies. He gives us a tour about growing and what different herbs can be used for and lets us try a lot. ?

For a better impression of our globeseekers Outdoor & Yoga Retreats watch our Trailer. Enjoy!!!

Accommodation in the Gschösswandhaus, a mountain restaurant at 1800m above sea level in a perfect spot for letting go.

Location: A side of the skiing area Penken in Mayrhofen you can reach the hut with the cable car or by car in summer.

Room categories: Shared or private rooms.

To coordinate & register for our globeseekers Outdoor and Yoga Retreats send us an email to or click here:

Timeframes, Costs & Registration

For Feedback from participants have a look at Reviews. An Impression about us you find under About globeseekers.

Looking forward to see you in the valley!

Denise & Chris


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