Frequently Asked Questions


Best way to get to Ginzling?

More infos here:

You can also take the train to Mayrhofen in Zillertal and we pick you up at the station. The next airports are Innsbruck (45 minutes) and Munich (2 hours), with changing trains in Jenbach.

Then you also have the option to take the airport shuttle, prices vary on different dates, so best is to check it directly here under this link for your arrival/departure times:

When do the retreats start and when is the departure?

Arrivals are between 14 – 16 o’clock, if you arrive ealier you can explore and relax in the cute and traditional village Mayrhofen or relax in a café and we can pick you up there.

Departure is after a Yoga class and a yummy and big goodbye brunch at around 12 o’clock. We can drop you off in Mayrhofen and many times the participants coordinated rides together. If you have to leave early we can prepare a breakfast to take with you.


Summer Retreats:

How does a typical day look like?

Check out our weekly program to feed your body, mind & soul, for a sample click here: Schedule Summer Retreats


What shall i bring:

Yoga clothes

• Hiking equipment (shoes, rain jacket, bag pack….)

• Sun screen, sun glasses, sun hat

• Drinking bottle

• Outdoor Towel, bathing suit

• Your own Yoga mat if you have

• Travel insurance documents

• Climbing shoes & harness, if you have your own


The weather in summer in the mountains can change quickly so be prepared to have some warm clothes with you as well. Sometimes in the morning its sunny and it can rain in the afternoon. No matter the weather – we gonna have good times together 😉

If you want to eat or drink something in a hut, everyone pays their own, but you can always take something with you from the house.


Do i have to have experience in hiking or climbing and how much would a climbing course be?

No we have different routes for all levels, for the climbing course just pitch in for the gear & a little tip for the external climbing guide, but it will not be more than 20 Euros once, we will cover the rest.



Winter retreats:

– Which skiing area is near and how to get there?

Most Ski areas of the Zillervalley are reachable within 10 to 25 minutes by car. Ski Buses from Ginzling take you to Mayrhofen. The ski area there is called Penken and is known for its variety in slopes and the freestyle Park. It is a big connected ski area, where you can get with cable cars and slopes from Mayrhofen all the way to Lanersbach. From Mayrhofen you can also catch the ‘Greenline’ which takes you to Finkenberg (Penken), Lanersbach  (Rastkogel) and Tux (Skigebiet Eggalm) and to Hintertuxer Glacier.


– Is the Skipass included in the package?

No, but it’s up to you how often you like to go snowboarding or skiing. We will help to organise and show you the best areas.


– What kinds of Ski pass can you get?

You can get a day or half day pass or more days. Further info here: and


– Can you rent gear?

Yes, almost every cable car station has a ski and snowboard rental service. Freeriding gear is also available. We will help to organise it for you.


– Do you need Ski – or Snowboarding skills?

Not at all. You have the possibility to book a beginners course in skiing or snowboarding, we help you to find a course that is good and not to pricey. Or you can just relax and take in the surroundings, go for a walk in the snow or enjoy the wellness area, while the others are on the mountain.


– Is Freeriding experience necessary to take part in the Retreat?

No. Its up to you. We have a mountain guide for one day and depending on the levels and wishes of the group Freeriding is possible off pist or with Ski- and Splitboard touring.


– What is Freeriding?

Freeriding is riding the Backcountry or off-piste away from the secured slopes of the ski areas. Riding skills in fresh deep snow and a basic knowledge in avalanche know how is necessary to ride safely.

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